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Scuba Diving Courses for Advanced Divers

Why becoming an advanced diver?

Once you are certified with the Open Water Diver (level 1 or 1st star course) , several diving courses for advanced are available to you.


To get more confidence, knowledge and to be allowed to go up to 30 meters, it’s a good idea to get a Advanced Adventurer certification. If you are an experienced diver wanting to dive deeper, the deep dive specialty will be your go.


SSI created 30 dive specialties. You can get specialised in the field you are interested to. This will allow you to explore specific environment, to handle certain conditions or to learn more about a specific topic.


Once you become an experienced diver, you will have access to dive courses about safety and rescue . Topics are to rescue yourself and others divers. Next steps will be to become pro.

Learn more to access dive sites of higher difficulty :

Blue Horizon organise daily tours going around Koh Phangan, to Koh Tao, to Anthong National Park and to Sail Rock for scuba diving and/or snorkeling.

All Prices for diving courses for advanced divers are including: Pick up (max Tongsala), Food, Drinks, SSI fees, Gear, Online Course (in your language), Instructor, Certifications, Boat and thousand of fish!

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Which opportunities for an advanced diver?

Complete List of Diving Specialties:

Altutude Diver, Apnea Diver, Aqurium Diver, AWARE Coral Reef Conservation, AWARE Fish ID, Boat Diver, Cave Diver, Computer Editing, Deep Diver, Digital Photo, Digital UW Photography, Dive Site Procedure, Diver Propulsion Vehicule, Drift Diver, Dry Suit Diver, e Learning Program, EAN Enriched Air Diver, Fish Watching, Fossil Diver, High Altitude Diver, Ice and Cold Water Diver, Ice Diver, Kayak Diver, Marine Ecology, Marine Environment, Multilevel Diver, National Geographic Diver, Naturalist Diver, Night Diver, Nitrox Diver, Oxygen Administration, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Photography level 1,2,3, Project AWARE, Public Safety Diver, Rebreather Diver, Recreational Nitrow Gas Blender, Recreational Scooter Diver, Research Diving, Search and Recovery Diver, Shark Diver, Solo Diver, UW archeology, UW digital Photo, UW Hunter, UW Scooter, UW Video, UN Navigation, Wreck Diver…


List of dive courses dealing with dive safety:

Care for children with AED, CPR / First Aid Course, DAN Diving Emergency Management, EFR (Emergency First Response) Emergency Oxygen Provider, Marine Life Injuries, Rescue Diver…


Some advice to be part of the conservation of the planet:

Its very interesting as well to get into marine conservation and marine ecology. You can be part of environmental project as volunteer to help for the protection, the monitoring, the regeneration of certain marine biotopes for example.

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