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Snorkeling tours

Blue Horizon Diving organise daily tours going around Koh Phangan, to Koh Tao, to Anthong National Park and to Sail Rock for scuba diving and/or Snorkeling activities. We offer longtail boat tours, diving boat tours or speedboat tours.

Besides, any snorkeling tours or scuba diving tours can be done on a private boat depending of your needs.

You can rent some scooters at our dive center. Its nice to go by yourself on a tour to discover the different beaches and snorkeling spots. Just ask us at the dive center.

Let’s discover what happens under the water!


Some more details about the snorkeling sites:


In doing Snorkeling at Sail Rock, you have good chance to spot whale sharks. When they are here they are very close from the surface so you can easily swim with them. Sail Rock offers huge schools of fish that you can spot from the surface.


Going for some exploration with your mask and snorkel around Koh Phangan is really amazing. You can even spot some turtles in the quite areas.

Haad Yao is a shallow dive site where you really get long dives, with an impressive diversity of marine life from the porcupine puffer fish to the flat worm, without forgetting the sting ray and anemone fish.

At Koh Maa you can spot big groupers, blue spotted sting rays, school of rabbit fishes and much more. On the sandy bottom you find all kind of stuff: family of clark’s anemone fish, goby fisf black common sea horse are ones of many found over there. 


The National Marine Park is a beautiful archipelago located west of Koh Phangan & Koh Samui. It consists of over 50 islands and an emerald salt water lake. Therefore its so beautiful to go snorkeling at the northern part of the archipelago.


Koh Tao is world famous for the amount of dive sites accessible from this island: indeed there are over 20 dive sites surrounding Koh Tao !

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