4 important pre dives safety rule


4 important pre dives safety rule

Everyone who plan to dive or dive for first time must know this 4 rules.

Always dive with a buddy / Pre dive safety check

Be in good health

Be hydrated / Avoid smoking

Plan your dive, and dive your plan


It is not necessary to be able to run a marathon, but a physical check is recommended as it is proven through studies that a quarter of accidents occur due to circulatory or heart problems. You are responsible in signing a medical form discharge before any dive to attest of your good health. Dont cheat on your health!

BE Hydrated / Avoid smoking

Avoid smoking at least 6 hours before a dive; if smoking, your haemoglobins will be less able to fix oxygen during your dive so the risk of decompression sickness will be elevated. 

Avoid drinking alcohol before a dive (night before) to avoid the acceleration of dehydratationwhen diving hence a risk of decompression sickness.

A tip is to drink electrolytes (sodium, potassium..) before diving to reduce your risk of dehydratation during the dive. This will help you as well to avoid peeing in your wetsuit as water will tend to be kept in your body. For the record, peeing in your wetsuit is a normal physical reaction due to cold water and weightlessness. Those 2 factors cause an increase in the volume of your blood in your heart which cause the need of peeing in order to regulated this pressure. With a warmer dive suit, this need will be reduced too.

Plan your dive, and dive your plan

You are not going shopping, it’s important to plan your tour with a map of the dive site, to plan for how long and how deep you want to dive. 

The pre-dive briefing of your dive master/instructor will remind you about the underwater signs, and few safety rules like ear equalization. Avoid diving without having a pre-dive briefing!

Always dive with a buddy/Pre dive safety check

Your binome is here to have fun with you and to share a moment together, but above all to help for the pre dive safety check.

The binome is here to be your back-up dive equipment/air and solve any potential problems that may occur. We recommend you follow proper training and regard the safety training like a rescue course.

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