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Enjoy more your diving with shorter surface interval time and increase your safety when breathing Nitrox

Pay a 30% deposit per item

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Pre requisites

Pre requisites:

The Pre requisite for the nitrox course is to be an Open Water diver. The Nitrox certification will allow you to dive Nitrox anywhere in the world.

The SSI Junior Diver certification is delivered to divers aged of 10 to 15 years old.

To be allowed to dive Nitrox, you need to be certified as a NITROX DIVER.

Min Age: 10 years old

Max Depth: Do not exceed a maximum ppO2 of 1.4 bar

For kids of 10 to 11 y. old, the maximum depth is 12 meters.

For teenagers 12 to 14 y. old the maximum depth is 18m. (or 21m. if combined with a Adventure Deep Dive).


What is Nitrox?

Nitrox is a breathing gas enriched with Oxygen. With a Nitrox compressor, we can prepare blend of air with different pourcentage of oxygen (up to 40% for recreational diving comparing with the 21% that you are used to breathe at 1 bar).

Hence, diving with a Nitrox blend will allow you accumulating less nitrogen due to the fact that you will breathe more oxygen. As a result, you have the option to dive longer with your computer set on Nitrox.

You will increase your safety in reducing the risk of decompression sickness if you dive with your computer set on air. In other words, you will be ready to go diving on liveaboards for instance.

Schedules - Program

For the academics, schedules are flexible because we can work anytime in our classroom. After little bit more than 1 hour course, you will be certified Nitrox diver.

You do not need to dive to be certified because there is no specific skills to know while underwater. However if you want to try nitrox, dive boats are leaving at 8am and comes back at 2pm. Furthermore, you can dive nitrox while you are fun diving or while you are doing some adventure dives.

It is good to know that our prices include a pick up, breakfast, lunch on the boat, all the dive gear, besides we have very well maintained equipment and pro instructors, therefore feel confident to book with us.

Keep a memory of your day

Keep some memories of your amazing experience of diving or snorkeling day. Your instructor can take professional underwater videos and pictures. We will send you all the files by “we transfer” afterwards. The price is 800 Thb for 1 person or 1000 Thb for 2 people or 1200 for 3 to 4 people.

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