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฿ 4,200฿ 6,400

  • EUR: € 105 - € 160

We will manage to go to the dive sites when the other diving boats wont be there in order to have the less divers as possible on the dive sites.

You have the option to do a Private diving tour with our speedboat. For diving we take a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 7 people (including your dive guide).

This is a private tour. It means that it will be only our customers on the boat. We leave when we want and we go where we want. It will be a full day trip if we go to Sail Rock, Koh Tao or Anthong national park.

The obvious advantages is that the schedules are flexible, we will be the only one on the dive sites, we can go diving anywhere at anytime (depending of the weather conditions). There is the amazing option of doing wakeboarding during the trips (for free).

If you are not certified you can dive the same dive sites but you have to do a Try Scuba Diving or an Open Water Diver course.

Pay a 30% deposit per item

Clear dates

Pre requisites

Pre requisites: Every divers, from beginners to advanced levels, can dive at Sail Rock. We will stay at the depth matching with your dive certification. A minimum of an Open Water Diver is required. If you are not certified you can dive the same dive sites but you have to do a Try Scuba Diving or an Open Water Diver course.


Description for the price:

We take a minimum of 4 divers. However if you are less and you have the budget, of course you will be part of the trip. We need a minimum amount to cover our costs. Just ask us for a precise price depending of how many scuba divers you will be.

Schedules - Program

Schedules for the speed boat: As it will be some private tours, schedules are flexible.

The quantity of fish on the dive sites are huge anyway. However It is always much nicer to dive with no one around. We have good chance to spot some whale sharks as they are here all year round. We can see them especially around full moon time. Actually the day of the full moon would be the best to go out for a tour because no other boats are used to go out this day because its supposed to be the day off of the boat captains.

Keep a memory of your day

Keep some memories of your amazing experience of diving or snorkeling day. Your instructor can take professional underwater videos and pictures. We will send you all the files by “we transfer” afterwards. The price is 800 Thb for 1 person or 1000 Thb for 2 people or 1200 for 3 to 4 people.

Infos about dive sites

You will find all the details on our page describing the dive sites: READ HERE


Southwest Pinnacle, south west of Koh tao is a deep dive site.

Reaching 30m, Southwest Pinnacle consists of a series of steep pinnacles rising from the sandy sea bed. Zigzagging between pinnacles give you the filling to be in a little maze.


Chumphon pinnacle, north west of Koh Tao is made up from one huge granite pinnacle and a series of smaller ones.

The top of the pinnacle is at 14m and drop off to 36 meters deep. It is covered with anemones. You will dive with thousands of barracudas, trevallis and bat fish.

SAIL ROCK pinnacles (Between Koh Tao & Koh Phangan):

is divided in 2 pinnacles: The rock itself that is going out of the water and east pinnacle that starts at 19 meters deep about 50 meters away from Sai Rock. The main rock has an amazing chimney. You can go inside using one of the 3 entrances which are at 5, 13 and 19 meters deep.

With advanced divers, we go to explore East pinacle which is a second large rock – that doesn’t reach the surface – on the south east of the dive site that drops down into the sand at more than 30 metres. We can go to the artificial reef made with concrete blocks which is around 25 meters deep.

SAMRAN PINNACLE (next to Sail Rock)

Samran Pinnacle, between Sail Rock and Koh Tao, is a huge rock that starts at 9m depth and drops down to 28m, you can go slightly deeper if you follow the other rock pattern along the bottom.

Around the rock you can spot schools of barracudas, fusiliers and trevalli’s. Encounters with a whale sharks are also possible. Samran Pinnacle is only for advanced divers.

WRECK Sattakut-742 (Koh Tao):

The wreck named “HTMS (His Thai Majesty Ship) Sattakut-742” voluntarily sank on June 18, 2011 near the west coast of Koh Tao. At 158 feet long (about 48 meters), the Sattakut now rests at a depth of 30 meters (30 meters at the stern and 27 meters for the bow), which reserves its exploration to experienced divers (Advanced Open Water certification).

KOH WAO Bay (Anthong):

Koh Woa Bay is a lovely shallow dive site offering perfect training conditions and really long dives opportunity. This dive site displays beautiful anemone gardens that stretch as far as the eyes can see.

All the usual companions are there. A well balanced dive site is Koh Wao for example.

KOH YIPPON (Anthong):

The dive site of Koh Yippon is a huge island when it comes to diving. You can do many dives there without diving the same spot twice.

This dive site has a great diversity of fish and corals, beautiful Gorgonian sea fans, blue spotted sting rays and occasionally resident turtles can be spotted.  Koh Yippon offer some swim-through, which makes the dive even more exciting!

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