PRIVATE: Try scuba diving at your villa

฿ 3,000

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/ day

Be lazy! Stay at your private villa to learn the basics of diving in your own pool and then go to discover the wonder of the sea.

If you stay in a villa with a pool with a minimum depth of 120 cm, a private instructor can come to you to teach the skills in your pool and give you the theory. How nice to Try scuba diving at your villa!

You can stay relax at your paradisiac place and learn diving at the same time.

For children between 8 to 10 years old, its fun to just try scuba diving in the pool. For adult too, its a good idea to start in the pool if you are not sure of been able to go diving in the sea.

It will help you to get confidence or to realise that maybe diving is not for you!

It will take about an hour, including the briefing with the main basic rules you should know before going diving.

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Pay a 30% deposit per item
Pre requisites


From 8 years old

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The TRY SCUBA program introduces people to scuba diving in a highly supervised and relaxed manner. You will get a recognition card and a diploma. However, remember that its not the first level. Its just to try diving to see if you love it.


Under the guidance of a dive professional, futur divers learn some basic safety rules and skills, in a closely supervised environment due to their lack of experience. The TRY Scuba Diving program can take place in a swimming pool, protected confined open water  or/and at an open water dive site (anywhere an appropriate, positive introduction to scuba diving is possible). Above all, we take in account your needs!


You can repeat this experience as many times as you want.

However we advice you to get your first diving certification (Open Water diver) to be able to do some fun diving all around the world.

Keep a memory of your day

Keep some memories of your amazing experience of diving or snorkeling day. Your instructor can take professional underwater videos and pictures. We will send you all the files by “we transfer” afterwards. For this specific private course, the photo service is for free!

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