Learn to dive safe

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Learn to dive safe

  1. Breath regularly and continuously
  2. Equalize your dead air spaces (sinus, ear, mask)
  3. Always looking around you at 360°
  4. Ascend safely no more than 9 meters /

dive rule 1: Breath regularly and continuously

Learn with us! Dive safe at Blue Horizon Diving. You should not hold your breath when scuba diving. Due to pressure factor, especially while ascending, air expands thus holding it while going up might cause serious damage to your lungs (pulmonary barotrauma). 

Remember that you should be relaxed so that you are breathing calmly and fully expelling the air out of your lungs. Learn with us

DIVE RULE 2: Equalize your dead air spaces (sinus, ear, mask)

Learn with us! When descending you learn various techniques to equalize your dead air spaces in order to avoid any ear, sinus or eye barotrauma.

This can be quite a painful incident and very easy to avoid!!

Remember that if you feel any pain in your ears you must go up safely before equalizing.

DIVE RULE 3: Always looking around you at 360°

Its very important to remember that you are diving in an other dimension, hence always be aware of what is happening around you: under you, above you, on your left and and your right.

Listen for the engine noise of a boat when you go up. And you or your guide must have an inflatable ballon to use it when ascending to alert boats around that scuba divers are surfacing to avoid any accident which can be fatal.

DIVE RULE 4: Ascend safely no more than 9 meters / min

If you go back up too fast you will create an overflow of gaseous nitrogen in your blood vessels and tissues, this will result in decompression sickness and may cause paralysis or even be fatal.

Always move slowly, its highly recommended to do a safety stop of a minimum of 3 minutes once you reach 5 meters for a dive shallower than 30 meters. Whereas for deeper dives there is a mandatory stop. Always follow your dive computer. Dive safe at Blue Horizon Diving.

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