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FAQ / Frequently asked Questions

Is it better to dive at Koh Phangan or Koh Tao?

Its 2 different islands. The best dive site is SAIL ROCK. Sail Rock is closer from Koh phangan than from Koh Tao. From Koh Phangan we go diving everyday to Sail Rock when in Koh Tao they just go diving at Sail Rock sometimes. There is less divers around Koh Phangan hence its much more relaxed. The reefs around Koh Phangan are really nice for diving and snorkeling.

In Koh Tao you can see Sharks . At Sail Rock you can see whale sharks.

When can you dive with whale sharks?

You can dive with whale sharks all the year. There are wild and come around the dive sites to dive with the divers when ever THEY feel to do it. They are very gentle and relaxed. There is no danger at all. We respect a distance of 5 meters from them to avoid touching them but often they come closer. Whale sharks come to Sail Rock around full moon because around full moons there are more plancton in the water so more food for them.

What is the difference between ssi and padi?

With SSI, you will have all your courses online in the language you want. Besides, you will get a free insurance for beginners. Furthermore SSI highlight your experience and give you recognition cards to reward it.

You will get your certification card straight away after your course. And finally, the SSI courses are more complete & cheaper than PADI courses.

SSI around the world:

With an SSI certification you can dive anywhere in the world. The SSI certifications are equivalent to PADI certifications. Ex: with a open water certification PADI or CMAS , you can pass the next level with SSI for instance.

Where to sleep on Koh Phangan?

It s very easy to find an accommodation. There are more than 450 hotels and severals hundreds of villas and bungallows. Our dive center Blue Horizon is part of a dive resort Baan Kiao. Dive with us and get a discount on your accommodation. CONTACT US.

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