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Every day we are going diving to the best dive sites in Thailand with our diving boat around Koh Phangan and to Sail Rock. Sometimes we are going as well diving at Koh Tao or at Anthong National Park (north part).

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1. Koh Phangan

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Sail Rock

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Koh Maa

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Sail Rock, located between Koh Phangan and Koh Tao, is one of the best dive sites in Thailand. This unique shaped granite pinnacle with amazing walls stretched down to 47 meters. The Rock has everything to offer from macro diving to whale sharks. The bio-diversity and number of marine life are really impressive. If you want to dive with thousands of barracudas, fusilliers, carangues and batfish, go there!

The Pinnacle of Sail Rock has an amazing chimney. You can go inside using one of the 3 entrances which are at 5, 13 and 19 meters deep.

Every divers, from beginners to advanced levels, can dive at Sail Rock.


Samran Pinnacle is hidden between Sail Rock and Koh Tao. Its a huge rock that starts at 9m depth and drops down to 28m. You can go slightly deeper if you follow the other rock pattern along the bottom.

Around the rock you can spot schools of barracudas, fusiliers and trevalli’s. Encounters with whale sharks are also possible.  Only advanced divers can dive at Samran Pinnacle.


Had Yao is a shallow dive site where you really get long dives. An impressive diversity of marine life from the porcupine puffer fish to the flat worm is present at this site. Sting rays, anemone fish, cuttlefish… are species of this biotope. This beach dive can become a very interesting dive as you keep in encountering surprising stuff.

We go there for fluorescent night diving and snorkeling!


The dive sites are around the small island oh Koh Maa, located in the north of Koh Phangan. You can easily do a second dive there. You will spot big groupers, blue spotted sting rays, school of rabbit fishes and much more. On the sandy bottom you find all kind of stuff. For instance: family of clark’s anemone fish, goby fisf, black common sea horse. This is a relaxing shallow dive.

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Beach diving at Haad Yao, Haad Salad and Mae Haad. There you will dive on amazing coral reefs. Ideal for beginners and night dives. Sail Rock is famous for its amazing landscape and its whale sharks. Chumphon Pinnacle is famous for its sharks (grey, reef and bull sharks).

Koh Phangan is well-known for its legendary Full Moon party; What people usually don’t know is that Koh Phangan also offers very good quality of diving & snorkeling on the coral reefs of the north-west coast of the island.

2. Anthong National Park

DIVE SITES - Scuba Diving Thailand Koh Phangan Tao Anthong

Emerald Lake

Monkey Beach

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Koh Tao or Anthong Park
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Koh Woa Bay is a lovely shallow dive site offering perfect training conditions and really long dives opportunity. This dive site displays beautiful anemone gardens that stretch as far as the eyes can see.

All the usual companions are there. Koh Wao is a classic example of a well balanced dive site.


Hin Yippon is mainly known for its 2 shallow swim-through. However this dive has an impressive numbers of fish. Schools of fusiliers and barracudas, banded sea snakes, white eye moray eels, nudibranches, reef cuttlefish and much more are swimming there.


Koh Yippon is a huge island when it comes to diving.You can do many dives there without diving the same spot twice.

This dive site has a great diversity of fish and corals, beautiful Gorgonian sea fans, blue spotted sting rays and occasionally resident turtles can be spotted. Koh Yippon offer some swim-through, which makes the dive even more exciting!

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anthong national park
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3. Koh Tao dive sites

When we are going to Koh Tao, we are usually diving the wreck.

Around Koh Tao, there are a lot of dive sites in the bays. There, it is very easy diving for beginners but you wont see as many fishes as in Sail Rock. Among the most known dive sites in Thailand, there are the wreck, the shark island and the pinnacles in Koh Tao.

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Chumphon pinnacle, north west of Koh Tao is made up from one huge granite pinnacle and a series of smaller ones.

The top of the pinnacle is at 14m and drop off to 36 meters deep. It is covered with anemones. You will dive with thousands of barracudas, trevallis and bat fish. Some of the biggest groupers of the gulf of Thailand can be seen there.

This dive site is well known for the sharks that you spot. There you can dive with grey reef sharks and black tip reef sharks.


Southwest Pinnacle, south west of Koh tao is a deep dive site.

Reaching 30m, Southwest Pinnacle consists of a series of steep pinnacles rising from the sandy sea bed. Zigzagging between pinnacles give you the filling to be in a little maze.

With a huge diversity of marine life, Southwest Pinnacle has a little bit of everything to offer. Watch out sometime the current is quite strong over there.

Wreck Sattakut-742

The wreck named “HTMS (His Thai Majesty Ship) Sattakut-742” voluntarily sank on June 18, 2011 near the west coast of Koh Tao. At 158 feet long (about 48 meters), the Sattakut now rests at a depth of 30 meters (30 meters at the stern and 27 meters for the bow). Its exploration is reserved to experienced divers (Advanced Open Water certification). Its recommended to be a wreck diver as the Sattakut has many points of entry …


Koh Nangyuan constitutes 3 little islands united by a triangular sand bank. We usually see this place on post cards. These islands offer awesome snorkeling and diving opportunities.

READ MORE about ``The 4 dive sites of Koh Nangyuan``

Japanese Garden

One area is the coral garden and the other is the rock side. The coral garden is a mix of soft & hard corals that are covered with Christmas three worms. Anemones are randomly spread out.

The rock side have less corals but offers a few swim-through. This formation gives shelter to all kind of marine species. Beautiful yellow margin trigger fish, banded sea snakes, bat fish are some of the species living there. Beware of titan trigger fish! However we will let you know when they will be protecting their eggs, don’t worry!

The Twins

Two groups of granite rocks ranging from 18 to 6 meters are the twins. Covering the rock is a mixture of soft & hard corals. On the deeper side you will find huge groupers, blue spotted sting rays and white eye moray eels. The shallow side is the home of an entertaining family of clark’s anemone fish. We are used to spot as well butterfly fish, colorful wrasses, parrot fish and sergeant major.

White Rock

The main granite pinnacle reaches a depth of 22 meters. This dive site offers appropriate depth for beginners & intermediate divers. Butterfly fish, parrot fish, angel fish, long fin banner fish are part of the colorful companions you will spot along the dive there.

Green Rock

You will dive around a boulder rock formation (bottom at 28 meters and top at 1 meter). It offers some swim-through; ideal for adventurous divers seeking for extra sensations.

Encounters there are yellow margin & titan trigger fish, blue spotted sting rays, white eye moray eels is possible.

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