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Live your dream! Become a dive instructor. Dive the world from one paradise to an other and meet loads of interesting people.

ITC = Instructor Training Course / IE = Instructor Examination


With the OW Instructor certification (included RR Instructor) you will be able to teach try scuba, open water course, advanced adventurer, (react right), stress and rescue, nitrox specialty, perfect buoyancy specialty and dive guide specialty.

To be able to teach more specialties, its recommended to get certified with some instructor specialties.

Program Details:

The instructor training course is divided into 2 parts: Assistant Instructor (AI) and Instructor Training Course (ITC). It can be done separately or all at the same time.

ASSISTANT INSTRUCTOR (AI): This course is a 4 days course that can n-be combined with the ITC. As an AI you will be able to assist instructors on courses or conduct some entry level training.

INSTRUCTOR TRAINING COURSE (ITC): This course is a 7 days course. After the course is complete the candidate will go through a

INSTRUCTOR EXAMINATION (IE) where a external examiner will come and conduct a 2 days examination.

SSI BUNDLE (DM+SOD+AI+ITC+PRO REG + IE) 34668 THB + Course 45000 THB + Physical materials 1990 THB = Total: 81658 THB

If you are already an assistant instructor, inform us of the SSI fees already paid and ask us for quotation.

As soon as we will get the deposit, we will create your online profile and open your online course (on divessi.com) in your desired language.

Clear dates

Pay a 80% deposit per item
Pre requisites

Pre requisites: As a SSI Divemaster or an equivalent rating from a recognised agency (PADI, BSAC, CMAS, NAUI, NDL, ISO…) + Nitrox certification + 100 dives, you can attempt to the Instructor Training Course.

Have an RSTC medical certificate

Min Age: 18 y. old

Be a certified Nitrox diver

Being a Divemaster or Assistant Instructor

100 dives minimum

Own professional diving equipment


ITC: The day by day program of the ITC (Instructor Training Course) depends a lot on the level, the strengths and the weaknesses of the candidates.


First of all, daily program is mostly half a day in the classroom and half a day in the pool or in the water. However there are usually a day or two of just academics.
Secondly, it is better if you can read the academics before starting the ITC (Instructor Training Course) to be well prepared. In the classroom we go over the academics. However we mainly practice academic presentations. Most of the water time is spent demonstrating and evaluating skills. Finally dont be surprised that there is not too much diving.

We are doing some scénarios with students that will do some mistakes to teach you how to react for their safety and their learning.



IE: Candidates normally go for the IE (Instructor Evaluation) right after the ITC.  The Instructor Evaluation (IE) must be conducted within six months of the completion of the Instructor Training Course.


The advantage of attending classes with Blue Horizon is that as we want to stay a club on a human scale we only do small groups, or even private lessons!

Koh Phangan is much more beautiful & quite than Koh Tao. At Blue Horizon, you will feel at home!

We are located very close from the beach, where we often dive locally. Instructors are teaching in a nice swimming pool by the sea. There is loads of restaurants around and nice resorts too. We can arrange for you accommodation with 10% discount in our resort Baan Kiao . The cost for your accommodation will be on top of the courses price. You will just have to let me know your budget and i can give you some advise and/or book for you.

Schedules - Program

Instructor Training Course SCHEDULES:

2 days of preparation

4 days Assistant Instructor

6 days  Instructor Training Course + React Right Instructor Course + Nitrox Instructor Course

2 days off

2 days for the IE (Instructor Examination)


Price Details

Price Details:

12 days course: 42’100 Thb + SSI fees (AI + ITC) : 15’400 Thb* = 57’500 Thb

SSI Crew Pack:   2’950 Thb   +   SSI Fees (IE)   17’550 Thb = 20’500 Thb

React Right Course for FREE  +   RR SSI Fees = 2’300 Thb (optional)

Total = 78’000 Thb  (1 year instructor fees are included)

When is the next AI / ITC ? See Full Program
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