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Learn more & Teach more! Pros keep on improving their skills, experience and knowledge

As a instructor, this program provides candidates with additional certification necessary to progress to their career in diving. With those specialties they will be able to teach and certify students in their relevant specialities. During the specialty seminar we cover standards, do skill demonstrations, academics and required dives.

Candidates who complete this program earn SSI specialty instructor rating. There is also the option of the specialty instructor bundle: 5 specialty instructor kits at the price of 3.

As soon as we will get the deposit, we will create your online profile and open your online course (on divessi.com) in your desired language.

Pay a 50% deposit per item

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Pre requisites


Min Age: 18 years old

BEEN A Divemaster to become certified with the Ecology Specialty programs. Then you become Ecology Speciality Training Specialist.


BEEN A Assistant Instructors to get the following instructor specialties: the Ecology Specialty programs + Altitude Diving / Boat Diving / Computer Diving / Equipment Techniques / Navigation / Perfect Buoyancy / Photo and Video / Science of Diving / Scooter/DPV Diving / Waves, Tides and Currents.

Then you become Specialty Instructor


As a divemaster and assistant instructor, its possible to become a Training specialist in getting certified with some instructor specialties.

A Training Specialist Certification is for someone who would prefer guiding certified divers but would still like to improve their skills. Its for Assistant Instructor (and SM for the Ecology Spe).

This is the perfect rating for underwater photographers and videographers, allowing them to teach Photo and Video courses in which they have extensive experience, even if they are not certified instructors.

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How to be certified with a SSI instructor specialty?

There are three ways to become certified to teach SSI Specialty programs:

1- Specialty Instructor Seminar: with an IE.

2- Co-teaching the specialty with an instructor who already has the instructor level, and then get the shop monitor to sign the papers and take them to SSI – then IE is not needed.

      • Co-teach at least one complete specialty program.

      • Have at least ten (10) logged dives in the applicable specialty.

      • Have the Monitor of the affiliated SSI Dive Center/Resort sign off the Universal Application form.

3- Verification/Application (not available for Training Specialists*)

        • Have at least 20 logged dives in the applicable Specialty, or, for non-diving specialties, provide proof of experience (example: manufacturer’s technician certificate for Equipment Techniques).

        • Complete the applicable student materials, including review questions and final exam, or provide proof of an equivalent certification.

        • Have the Monitor of the affiliated SSI Dive Center/Resort sign off the Universal Application Form.

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