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Expand your work opportunities around the world in becoming an SSI instructor

Crossovers programs are to provide an orientation to SSI philosophies and procedures to dive professionals from other recognised scuba training agencies. It provides the knowledge and skills needed to conduct SSI programs equivalent to their existing qualifications in a safe and enjoyable manner.

An active status Divemaster / Assistant Instructor may conduct the Divemaster Professional Crossover /Assistant Instructor Crossover.

An active status Instructor from any agencies may conduct a crossover to become a SSI Open Water Instructor. In that case, all specialties from other agencies will be recognised and automatically crossed over to SSI.

The price of the course includes SSI fees + The course done by our IT (Instructor Trainer) + online course + certification + 1 year SSI membership fee.

As soon as we will get the deposit, we will create your online profile and open your online course (on divessi.com) in your desired language.

Clear dates

Pay a 80% deposit per item
Pre requisites


Dive professionals from other agencies inactive for greater than two (2) years must follow the Returning to Active Status standards (contact SSI for more options).

If you are a instructor from an agency not recognised by SSI, you will need to do the IE (Instructeur Evaluation).

Once you are certified SSI instructor you can teach and sign SSI courses (from OW to dive  guide).


About SSI:

SSI = Scuba School International. SSI is a worldwide dive organisation which is expanding very fast. In many countries, SSI market is becoming bigger than PADI one.


The experience of divers in recreational and technical diving is a strong point of SSI. The multi-language teaching and learning materials of SSI is very user friendly and clear. Therefore its easy for the students to prepare their online courses.

SSI also offers more flexibility to instructors, allowing them to adapt to their students needs and to enhance their experience in order to provide the highest quality training.

SSI is money-wise very interesting because the fees are generally cheaper than other dive agencies.

Schedules - Program

Schedules: You can do your crossover anytime on request. Nevertheless we are trying to plan instructors crossovers before or after our ITC programs. It takes 2 days for a instructor to crossover to SSI.

Program: Theory – Pool exercises to learn the differences in the demos of the skills concerned – Endurance tests – Final written exam MCQ

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